Manual Cooking Oil Olive Oil Dispenser Pump for 5lt or 17lt tin cans

New Cooking Oil Dispensing Pump
Brand: Korina Pumps
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Manual Pump cooking /olive oil for 5-17lt tin cans


Usage & Applications

Manual pumping and flow control through the movement of the piston.

* Safety tap on exit spout.

* Suitable for olive oil and all cooking oils, drinking water, alcoholic drinks, juices, etc.

Construction of non-toxic virgin plastic material.

* Applies to tins of 5lt, 10lt & 17lt. capacity with neck threaded outer dia. 45mm.



* Length: 45 cm

* Ability to raise: Max. 8 liters / min.

* Material: PP, HDPE, ABS

* Net weight / pc. approximately 70gr.

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