Manual Pond Silt Vac Remover

New Manual Pond Silt Vac Remover
Brand: Korina Pumps
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Manual Pond Silt Vac Remover


Application and Features

Manual pond silt remover and stirup mud pump for water filtration.

Pond emptying pump and evacuation of standing water.

Ideal for small and medium garden water ponds for cleaning the mud, dirt and leaves from the surface and pond’s bottom.

Recommended for small domestic pools as hand operated water filtration and cleaning tool.

Constructed of high-density plastic (polyethylene pump head, PVC suction tube).

High quality durable Nylon Filterbag 27cm depth X 12cm width.

38mm o.d. dia. outlet.

130cm overall length.

Weight: 700g

Light weight, versatile, easily cleaned.

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